Friday, March 02, 2007

Dilemmas and Loyalties Part I

Mynock Squad waited. Like any squad of clone commandos, they were trained for this. Mop up operations on Boz Pity began 36 standard hours earlier. Mynock Squad has been engaging Sep forces ever since. It was an easy op. Their commander would recon for about an hour or so and return with some new targets. Things were going pretty well for the the last day and a half. The weather has been holding out. Commander Alef Ulo has been an exceptional leader. They all traveled on the gunship/swoop Coruscant Dawn with a platoon of clone regulars and one ARC trooper. The gunship was captained by a Commander Duman Len, an actual Coruscanti native. The rest of the crew were non clones. Since the battle of Genosis, their crew has been jumping from system to system conducting special operations. Most of it has been hit and run, reconnaissance, and support. It has been action ever since that fateful day three standard years before. Their platoon had to be replace twice since. They even lost their ARC trooper in the last mission. They were just getting used to their new one.
“Can't wait 'till Ulo gets back,” said Burn, the demolitions expert. His face had a long burn scar on the right side. It looked more like a birth mark, Commander Ulo, had remarked.
“I don't mind waiting around,” commented Flinch, “it seems like it's the only peace we've gotten since Geonosis.”
“Geonosis, what?” Joked Shuffle. “Man, that was so long ago, I almost forgot.”
“Of course you did,” Burn shot back, “you were unconscious half the time.” Which was true of course. While jumping from the shuttle, Shuffle landed in front of an artillery barrage that knocked him off of his feet. He was unconscious for most of the battle. Luckily, he suffered a few minor concussions. Everyone laughed.
“Everyone piped down!” Tic yelled.
“Excuse me, sarge,” Shuffle replied sarcastically.
“This war's not over yet,” Tick continued. “Things have been going pretty well for us. It's about time things got real dirty.”
Everyone could agree to that.
Suddenly they heard a speeder coming from behind them. They quickly sought cover and braced themselves. They split into two groups and lined up facing the noise. This way they were able to create interlacing lines of fire.
In a few standard seconds, their new ARC trooper arrived. They quickly walked out of their hiding places to meet him.
“Where's the Jedi?” He asked.
“Up ahead on recon,” Tick replied.
“Bring him back here,” the ARC trooper continued.
“New orders?” Tick asked.
“Yes, you are to terminate the Jedi on sight.”
Everyone seemed to jump out of their armor.
“Terminate the Jedi?” Tick asked.
“Yes, new orders from the Chancellor's office.”
“How do we know the Seps haven't jammed our frequency and taken over comms?” Asked Burn.
“You been out in the field too long, commando,” the ARC trooper went on, “we're winning and the Seps are on the run. That big attack on Coruscant broke their backs.”
“So why are we killing Commander Ulo?” Burn asked.
“You don't question orders, commando, you follow them. This is a direct from the Chancellor himself. Call the Jedi back and get rid of him.”
“I think we need to confirm those orders!” Shuffle answered. “I'm not killing Commander Ulo or any Jedi for that matter.”
“You will follow orders, Commando, as you've been bred to do. Your loyalty is to the Republic!”
“Hold on,” Tick stopped him, “Shuffle is on target, we have to confirm those orders. We have been out in the field too long and don't know what's going on in the Republic. We can't just jump at every order coming from the Chancellor's office. Our orders came from the Jedi Council. Now we have to kill Jedi? It makes no sense.”
“So you're disobeying orders?”
“Until further notice,” Tick continued, “no matter what it takes, we have to confirm those orders. We are still fighting Seps out here. Taking out one of our own is not going to help.”
“The Jedi are not one of our own...” The Arc Trooper said coldly.
The familiar sound of a Super Battle droid wrist rocket followed by the sonic boom of that projectile filled the air. Instinctively all five clone troopers dove for cover. The rocket impacted where they stood a nanosecond earlier. As they found cover, they scanned for targets. Soon two super battle droids flanked by four droidekas were in their midst. They poured fire into their positions. The Clones had little to no cover. Any tree they hid behind was blasted away by the droidekas.
“Of all the griffin' luck!” Yelled Burn.

To be continued....

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