Sunday, January 23, 2011

Enki Sunrise

Enki Sunrise

I finally had a chance to dig up my Powers Vol. III Issues 1 and 2. I buried it somewhere in my office. Normally, I keep my comics nearby so when I spend those lazy Sunday afternoons catching up to them all I have to do is lean over and pull out the new ones. Sometimes, I buy comics and put them in my office and forget about them. I did the same with Powers by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Oeming.

While I don't have all the issues of Vol. II, this volume was my first introduction to Enki Sunrise and I must say I really love her. Her style of dress is dope. Her interaction with Christian Walker while mysterious, is very realistic. Kudos to Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Oeming for not giving us another stereotype.

Some might say that she reminds them of Misty Knight from Power Man and Iron Fist. I have to disagree. Enki Sunrise is not fully confident. She questions herself and her ability. She questions what she is doing with Christian Walker. That's dope and it works.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Some of the Best of 2010

Yes, I am late with this. My apologies. I got a little bit carried away with the festivities of last week of December. I will admit that 2010 was a great year for comics. There has been so much great writing for the major publishers as well as the independent ones. The competition is fierce as writers start to go the indie route. Also even the movie houses are getting in the game. Movie adaptations of comic books are getting better. It was quite a few tough picks out there. I normally stay away from the major comic companies for these but this year, Marvel hit it out the park. Yet here it is, enjoy:

Best Comic Book mini series – “Thanos Imperative” - Dan Abbet and Andy Lanning did a great job breathing life into many 70's Marvel Characters. The Guardians of the Galaxy is a good example of that. It is a group made up of many characters that were made in the 70s. Here is a good example of great writing. Abbet and Lanning did a great job bringing these characters back to the fold. While Thanos is a great villains, few writers do him justice. The artwork by Miguel Sepulveda is also great. I love the fact that Marvel chose not to make this a huge crossover event. The reader did not have to go back to the lab and read back issues of those 70's issues. The storyline included the story of Captain Mar'Vell. It was stellar with huge spaceship battles and super hero beatdowns. I am so glad that the story of the players will continue.

Best Story Arc
– Image Comic's Invincible: The Viltrumite War – I always loved Robert Kirkman's and Cory Walker's Invincible. Its a great spin on the Superman/Spiderman archetype. There is even a great father/son plot line with Invincible and his father Omni Man. Invincible does remind me of the early Spiderman stories where Peter Parker consistently doubted himself at every turn and fought to keep his life in order. Invincible is in the same situation but he has powers that rival Superman. Unfortunately, his father hails from a race of beings who intend on conquering the universe. Finally, we find Invincible, Omni Man, and several allies gearing up to take the fight to the Viltrumites, the race of beings Invincible is a descendant of. Even in the face of battle, Invincible questions his role as a superhero and his relationship with his father. The space battles are great and the artwork renders an epic assault throughout the universe but the writing really keeps me captivated. It is truly one of the best comic books out now.

Best Issue: Unlike the previous categories, this one was easy. Nemesis issue #1 is awesome and was probably the best issue of 2010. Mark Millar does it again. He also teams with Steve McNivens. Previously, they did Old Man Logan for Marvel which in my opinion was the best story arc of 2009. If you have been reading this blog for the past year, you know how I felt about it. There are rumors that it will be another movie adaptation. Let's see what happens. Millar will finish the series however, so stay tuned for that.

Best Movie Adaptation of Comic book:
“Kick Ass” Although Hollywood screwed up Millar's “Wanted” in so many ways, they really knocked it out of the ball park with “Kick Ass.” I know folks who don't even read comics pick up the book after watching the movie. There were many comic book adaptations on the silver screen, but “Kick Ass” set the standard. The writers for the next Dark Knight installment have their work cut out for themselves.

You know 2011 is going to be all the way live. You can count us to be there. We will have many more comic books of color on the independent tip reviewed here. Stay tuned.

Happy New Year!