Sunday, August 04, 2013

Not So Super

written by JacquesNyemb
Art by Joe Hunter

There is a reason why many of us will always love comics no matter what the big publishers do. There are some stories that resonate with people across the world. It's those stories, even from small presses, that keep us coming back for more. It's those small comics with a big heart that have us geeking out when some MC makes a reference. When the protagonist from "Johnny Hiro" by Fred Chao interacts with Grand Puba of Brand Nubian fam when discussing women, it makes you love comics all the more. And yes there is a geek out in the middle of your high class dinner.

"Not So Super" writting by Jacques Nyemb and illustrated by Joe Hunter does just that. From the beginning you can't help but root for Dan, the protagonist in this tale of ill skills. We are introduced into Dan's Inferno. An inferno many of us can relate to. You know what I am talking about. The hell that is the cubicle. That's a tale that can take up 3 to 4 story arcs just to describe. Dan, an IT guy, works in the belly of the Corporate Beast. Nyemb and Hunter do a wonderful job of showing Dan's anxiety increase as he gets closer to work.

Hunter really works the contrast on this panels. This really brings the emotion out of Dan. The scene where Dan walks by his cubicle seems surreal. It really makes the reader want to leave those scenes since Hunter makes them so dreary. Again, the reader will relate immediately. Dianne, the receptionist, is made to look like a character out of Hade's underworld. Her stare seems to look into Dan's soul. While finding an artist who can pencil, ink, and color isn't hard to find, it's making it work that's difficult to work. Hunter comes off like a veteran and uses his panels wisely. While many indie joints have very stylized renderings, many try to give too much detail instead of focusing on moving the story line in a proper panel sequence thus confusing the reader. Hunter stays away from that and really allows the reader to follow the story with little dialogue in certain scenes. The emotion is there.

The best part about the story is they mystery. Dan continues to wake up feeling as if he has gone on an all night drinking binge even though we all know he has gone to bed immediately after work. This will definitely bring the reader back. As we always say, indie joints are hit or miss. They either get it right or they don't. "Not So Super" hits it out the park. Nyemb as no trouble fleshing out a story and developing Dan into someone we can all dig and say "yup, I love comic books." We definitely hope Nyemb and Hunter come back to give the reader more.