Thursday, October 28, 2010

more updates

Sorry I haven't been on my square. We are working on a few projects, so bear with us.. Here are some more treats:

1. Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Mini Episodes... they pretty much set up the background for the series. They are definitely worth checking out. Check out Nick Fury.
You will love that.

2. Check out Black Science Fiction Society's website. it's choice. Some really dope stuff happening there.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Written by Mat Johnson
Art by Warren Pleece

Book Review by Dan Tres Omi

It is a nerd's sweet revenge when graphic novels and comic books are considered literature. It is about time that these genres get their recognition. In the last few years, we have seen several comic books (I.e., Y: The Last Man ,
Ex Machina ) and graphic novels garner critical acclaim. Incognegro: A Graphic Mystery is another one of those novels that are definitely top choice. It is published by DC's own Vertigo line. Although I have never been a huge fan of DC comics, their Vertigo line has released several high quality graphic novels such as Sentences: the Life of Grimm and DMZ.

Although the story in Incognegro is fictional, it is based on the true accounts of African American news reporters who traveled to the deep south in the early 20th century to cover lynchings. This African Americans could pass for European Americans and infiltrated many lynchings. This was called “going incognegro.”

Zane Pinchback, an incognegro, decides to pull one more stunt even after almost being caught playing a white man during a lynching in Mississippi. This time, the stakes are higher as he learns that his brother is framed for the murder of a white woman. He takes his friend Carl, another African American who can pass for white but who is an actor, along with him. To make matters worse, Carl heads into Tupelo, Mississippi and poses as an Englishman and has the entire town infatuated with his British airs. Pinchback also learns that the woman his brother is accused of killing is actually not dead.

What the reader will appreciate about this graphic novel is that it is drawn in black and white. At times, even the reader will not be able to tell who Pinchback or Carl is when he is drawn amongst white people. This adds much more mystery to the story and also makes the reader see how these reporters were able to get the inside scoop.

Mat Johnson's writing is top notch. The story twists and turns almost at each panel. The ending will shock everyone. The final panel caused this reader to laugh out loud while on a bank line. Non comic book readers will get a big kick out of Incognegro. Warren Pleece's work shines and both of them work well together.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nemesis Issue 3

Written by Mark Millar
Art by Steve McNiven

Review by Dan Tres OMi

I almost gave up on this series until a certain talkative comic book retailer at a local comic convention explained that this issue was dropping in a matter of days. When I arrived at my local comic book store (big up Fearless Readers!), I was able to grab the last issue on the stand. After reading it from cover to cover three times in a row (something I rarely do), I can understand why.

Millar continues to shock and awe. In Issue #2, Nemesis is captured by Blake Morrow, DC's super cop. While everyone is happy that Nemesis is captured after killing thousands of people in Washington, DC, no one knows where the president is. Unbeknownst to Morrow, being captured is part of the plan.

Nemesis does a daring prison escape. He even provides super fast armored cars for every prisoner he sets free. The chase is on. There are even more twists and turns as the story flows. Millar does it once again. What Nemesis does to Morrow is unprecedented. Watch how he turns the table on Morrow and gets him with a double whammy.

Again, McNiven's artwork really sets the tone. The splash pages and wide panels tell so much without any words. McNiven's DC is both hip and gritty. I enjoy the fact that most of Nemesis' moves are done in the daytime. It demonstrates the power that Nemesis wields. I can't wait until the next issue. Maybe there we will find out what happened to the president.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Here are some treats (big up to Dwayne McDuffie for hipping us to this):

1. "Shaft or Sidney Poiter" -- I am so looking forward to this.

2. Daredevil to become Black Panther: The Man Without Fear

Big up to Comic Book Resources for this bit of news. While many have issues with what Marvel has done to Wakanda, even more people are upset about the direction Marvel is taking with T'Challa. We will see if the stories will be any good. It does remind me of the time T'Challa lived in Harlem and worked as a school teacher. Only time will tell. It can either flop or sell out. We shall see. Of course, we will have the latest reviews on here.

3. Please support the folks at Black Comix . They have a new book out that we will soon cop and review for the folks out here. The blog is awesome and they stay up on so much. Please support our writers, pencilers, and inkers!