Monday, July 09, 2012

Black Guard #1
Produced By Brothers of Spontaneous Combustion (BOSC) Comics

I know we have been saying that we were going to start reviewing Independent comics and here we are in July 2012 and we haven't even done that. Well, we got one. I will say that when I received Black Guard #1 in the mail, I felt like I was taken for a ride. I didn't open the plastic yet but I assumed it was going to be one of those informational issues that big publishing giants such as Marvel throws out to cash in on fans who are eagerly awaiting an upcoming story arc or series. So I sat on the issue for a few days.

One evening, I had the chance to sit back and give it the attention it needed. I don't regret ordering Black Guard #1.

Let me be frank. I have met quite a few black and brown folks who have started their own comic books and I didn't review them because the quality was horrible on so many levels. I am happy to say that the Brothers of Spontaneous Combustion (BOSC) have outdone themselves.

What makes nerd/geek culture what it is happens to be the cultural referencing made by the subject. Notice that I did not say pop culture reference. Pop culture implies that it was part of the mainstream culture. Check The Last Emperor's "Secret Wars" to catch my drift. You are either in the know, or you don't know. Black Guard is full of geek culture references. It's not your run of the mill, Nineteen nineties X Men cartoon series references either. That is what made me read the book over and over.

Eli Mercer, Black Guard's leader, assembles a team of former mercenaries, villains, and not so savory characters to attempt to "uplift the community." Unfortunately, Mercer is in over his head as the fun begins. The crew is well rounded with Sequoia, Melanin, Darius Doom, Odan, and FRO Bot. I spent a large amount of time laughing as reread the stories in the first issue.

If there was anything I enjoyed the most is the colors. The colors literally float off the page. I did not see that coming. It gives the indy comic the quality it needs. Overall, I can't wait to cop the 2nd issue of Black Guard. I also hope to see more from BOSC.