Thursday, February 22, 2007

Palpatine and Force Lightning

In the latest issue of Insider someone asked a question (I know we owe some of you some answers... they will come) about Palpatine and his force lightning. In Episode III while fighting Mace Windu, Palpatine is quickly fried while using a lightning attack. In Episode VI, he uses it on Luke Skywalker for a longer period of time. Not only does Skywalker survive. One notices that he hasn't any noticeable injuries. Why is that?

There are several explanations. When Palpatine fought against Master Windu, it was to the death. He was trying to kill Windu because Windu was trying to kill him. Master Windu is always a master of Vaapad; it is a level 7 lightsaber technique which he created. However it can also be used to redirect energy. In doing so, Mace Windu probably amplified the power of the force lightning. It also explains how he was able to kill Windu when Anakin cut off his hand.

In Episode VI, he was not trying to kill Luke Skywalker. He was trying to bring him to the dark side. He might have killed Skywalker if Vader did not kill him.


Amadeo said...

I think with Luke it was also a test for Vader. He lost his wife, but not through a direct act. This was the last chance to test his loyalties...especially since he had questioned them in regards to Luke when he arrived on Endor.

Jdid said...