Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism & Beyond

This book is going to be so gangsta...

The line up?

Tobias Buckell
Indrapramit Das
Junot Díaz
Minister Faust
Daniel José Older
Chinelo Onwualu
Andaiye Reeves
Eden Robinson
Charles R. Saunders
Nisi Shawl
Vandana Singh
C. Renee Stephens
Greg Tate
Tade Thompson
Katherena Vermette

TO NAME A FEW. That's not even half, peoples!  

the cover is done by the homie John Jennings. 

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Monday, July 01, 2013

The Legend of Will Power Issues 1 & 2

I think we apologize for this all the time. We always seem to miss some diamonds in the rough. While I don't read as many indie comics as much as I read from the big presses, I end up reading alot of indie stuff that doesn't cut the mustard. So I avoid doing reviews on those. I know I am violating some writer's integrity law but I don't want to throw shade on someone's business. However, I do come across some independent stuff that is really mind blowing. Primal ComicsWill Powers is just one of those books.

First, let me say that Primal Comics has a nice roster of writers and artists. I highly recommend checking their stuff out. It's really refreshing to see an indie publisher putting out quality stuff. Vince White, writer and artist for Will Powers, really hits it out the park for Primal Comics.

Black and white comics are dope. They really are. I am glad that Robert Kirkman's "The Walking Dead" really put a spotlight on that. It really gives more to the imagination. That is the first thing I loved about "Will Power." It's in B&W and the reader really gets to dig into White's breakdowns which are superb.

As a long time comic book reader and an overall avid reader, you heard it all. Most stories follow the same format a la Joseph Campbell. At this point, you can pretty much predict what's going to happen. So what we readers look for is the actual journey. Take us from point A to point B. What happens inbetween those points matter. For "Will Powers," the story is the same. The protagonist loses so much to gain new powers. Any writer who takes on the artwork gets huge props. It's a huge undertaking. White does it well. The story is awesome. He even adds a little back story that plays along each issue. It's not rated R so the babies will pick it up and enjoy it as well.

I should have copped the 4 issue special on the website but like a dummy I only picked up the first 2. Get the packaged deal, since it is totally worth it. I hope to see more from Vince White and the folks at Primal Paper Comics that put out great material.