Monday, March 26, 2007

Dilemmas and Loyalties Part VIII

Alef Ulo slowly inched his way past their prisoners. All the events of the last couple of months swirled through his brain. His troops were isolated from the rest of the galaxy. They jumped from mission to mission. He has only been to Coruscant one time after the Battle of Geonosis. That was three standard years ago. He walked to the back of the gunship to find the body of Flinch stretched out in the mini med bay. His face was a gnarled and burned mess. Ulo lost many clones in this war, but never a clone commando. All four original members he started with has stayed with him through each battle. Despite the fact that they all looked the same, Ulo knew who each one was. The Jedi taught him not to have any attachments. Then he realized what have we done?
Since before the war, the darkness was always there. Initially it was just background to everything. It did not seem as threatening. Since the Battle of Geonosis that foreboding has grown. All of the Jedi seemed to ignore it. Well most of them did anyway. Several Jedi refused to fight in the Clone Wars due to this foreboding darkness. In hindsight, maybe they were right. Before he left the Jedi Temple for his first mission, many of the older Jedi debated their roles in the war. Now the darkness has engulfed them all. Before he fell into despair, Alef Ulo began his Jedi meditation. Soon they will be docking in the Coruscant Dawn.

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