Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dilemmas and Loyalties Part V

Groggy though he was, Shuffle was able to speak.
“We shouldn't have left Flinch,” he stated weakly.
Everyone agreed.
“As soon as the gunship arrives, we will retrieve his body, I promise you,” Ulo replied clutching his arm.
“Yes, sir!” Shuffle responded with more strength in his voice. It was moments like this when Alef Ulo questioned the decision of the Jedi Council to continue to use the clones to fight this war. They were willing soldiers and had no qualms about dying in a war that continued to neglect them. Ulo could not help but create a bond with his soldiers. They were loyal to the death. Ironically, Ulo never questioned what would happen to them once the Separatists threat was over. He could not imagine using them as occupying forces in systems that were not loyal to the Republic.
The Low Altitude Assault Transport (LAAT) is the staple of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR). They were the workhorses and have proven themselves time and again. Unfortunately, they are loud and could not be used during special operations. When Rothana Heavy Engineering designed the LAAT/i, it was an ARC Trooper's gunship of choice. Although it carried far less armament then the original LAAT, its stealth suite, silent engines, and precision handling make it ideal for insertion and extraction. The enemy never knows what hits them when it sneaks up to provide air support. While waiting for an extraction, Mynock Squad never hears it coming. Yet Ulo can sense kilometers away.
“It's here,” he said solemnly. “I will not ask you to fire upon your brothers. Yet if I am attacked, I will not hesitate to defend myself.”
“Yes, sir!” Answered Tick. “We understand. I will carry Shuffle.”
Ulo nodded.
The LAAT/i finally appeared. It hovered slowly over them. As they walked towards it, it lowered to their chest level. The clone troopers lowered their weapons towards Ulo.
“Commander Ulo!” Yelled one of the troopers. “You are under arrest. Hand us your lightsabers!”
Alef Ulo stopped in his tracks as the commandos continued to walk to the gunship.
“I will not comply until I am given a proper briefing!. I want to speak directly to the Jedi Council!”
“That is not possible Jedi! The Jedi Council is no more as per the directives of the Chancellor himself! Now turn over your weapons!”
“No, trooper! I am your commanding officer!”
“Not anymore, Jedi!” The clone trooper made some hand signals. Once the commandos were on board, the gunship leveled off and faced Ulo. It's forward guns tracking him.

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