Friday, March 09, 2007

Dilemmas and Loyalties Part IV

As they set up camp, Commander Ulo collapsed. He clutched his chest as if he were in cardiac arrest. Both commandos dropped to their knees and scanned the area assuming it was another ambush.
Ulo felt the force tug at him. He felt his breath leaving him. He could sense the plucking out of life as they returned to the force. Ulo understood that several Jedi have died. It happened so fast and so many times.
“Commander, are you okay?” Tick asked.
He was finally able to catch his breath.
“Yes, I am Tick,” he said slowly.
“What happened?”
“I just felt hundreds of Jedi die,” he said solemnly.
“But--” Tick went on.
“I can't explain it. Force sensitives can feel when a great number of people are killed or die.”
“Do you think what the ARC Trooper told us was wrong?” Tick asked.
“It may be,” Ulo continued, “if the Seps lost the war why are all these Jedi dying.”
“So it could be a trick,” Burn commented.
“It might be. Let's contact the Dawn again.” Ulo flipped on his communicator. Instead of receiving static, he got a transmission. “This Mynock squad to Dawn.”
Coruscant Dawn copy,” the voice of Commander Duman Len replied, “what is your status Commander Ulo?” Suddenly his holo appeared perched on Ulo's forearm.
“We are setting up camp with preparations to return to the primary EZ,” Ulo answered.
“Did you rendezvous with the ARC Trooper?” Asked Commander Len.
“Yes, we did.” Everyone noticed a pause from Commander Len.
“Where is he?”
“He is KIA,” Ulo said remaining as calm as any Jedi would, “we were ambushed by droidekas.”
“I see,” Commander Len responded slowly, “we are locating you now. We are sending a LAAT to retrieve you and your men.”
“Commander,” Ulo went on, “is it true? The war is over?”
“Yes, it is. It is much more complicated than that. We can discuss it when you arrive.”
“Thank you commander,” Ulo said, “out.”
“We will see you shortly,” he replied with a sense of hesitancy in his voice.
Originally Ulo assumed that once the war was over, he would be elated. Yet for some reason that is not the feeling he had. Meanwhile, the commandos contemplated their future. Now that the war is over, what will happen to them?

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