Wednesday, November 12, 2014

DayBlack Issue 2

Written and Illustrated by Keef Cross

The first issue definitely drew me into the story. This time Cross tells us more about Merce's modern life as a tattoo artist in DayBlack, Georgia. In Issue one, we learn that Merce has figured out a way to suck blood without killing anyone. He became a tattoo artist and used the needles to siphon blood out of unknowing victims. This idea is hip and demonstrates that Cross knows how to write.

Again, we meet Merce while he awakes from his coffin which is covered with promotional stickers for soul artists. That alone gets props. I spent several minutes looking at these stickers to see if I ever owned any. Cross also introduces us to another character who works for Merce. Cross gives her enough dialogue without taking away anything from the story.

Merce continues to have dreams of times past mixed in with fantasies. Lately, they have been happening so much that it's been affecting his work. At one point, he ends up killing a customer. While burying the victim, he encounters a vampire hunter.

Cross does a great job of providing enough mystery and moving the story along. This is very difficult to do when introducing a new character to a new audience. The artwork is stupendous (an adjective I used in the review for issue 1). Cross should be penciling for the major publishers. I look forward to grabbing more issues of DayBlack.