Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cold Space Issue One

Written by Samuel L. Jackson & Eric Calderon
Art by Jeremy Rock

Yes, the writing credits reads Samuel L. Jackson. The Sam Jack of the silver screen Nick Fury fame. When I first came across the comic I thought to myself “Wow, homie looks like Sam Jack.” Then I noticed his name on the cover. I asked around and none of the comic book dealers I interact with knew anything about it. I learned that my comic book heads didn't know about it either. How did I miss it?

Usually, if something is good, you will know about it especially in the age of the internet. While Cold Space doesn't exactly stand out amongst the several indie prints out now, it's not that bad. I expected Mulberry, the protagonist, to come out blasting and calling people all kinds of mother grubbers. I expected humor as we seen in Pulp Fiction. Instead, we get a brooding gun runner who can really negotiate his way out of trouble. And that's a good thing.

The story takes place in the 4th millennium and Mulberry is down and out on his luck. He quickly changes his fortune by crash landing on a planet and convincing the local thugs to crack a deal with him. What I like about the story so far is that the reader knows very little about Mulberry. Samuel Jackson and Eric Calderon allow the other characters to move the story along. Jeremy Rock's work is pretty good. I am totally unfamiliar with his work. Rock has done work for several independent publishers such as Boom! Studios and Avatar. I hope to see him more often.

I think purchasing this limited series is a good idea. I can't wait to cop the rest of the series. Again, it's not groundbreaking at all but sometimes I still want to see folks kick ass and take names.

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