Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Green Lantern Promo Party Part I: The Drama

So my blog brother from another mother hooked this blog brother up with a connect for some Green Lantern swag. I decided to have the party on May 7th in the late afternoon. I didn't want to throw our usual children's bash where we have enough children to fill a studio audience for Oprah. So we had to narrow things down. I chose some of the children of some of my students and I sat down with the babies and asked them to pick a few friends to invite. Then we narrowed that pool down. After much deliberation, we made a few more cuts. I got this cool Green Lantern invites and made sure I put on there to RSVP and not to bring any presents. I am sure some parents were like, “the Omi's got another baby?” No, we are not trying get extra presents. As a matter of fact, we are giving some away. Presents, that is.

My children were hella excited. I can't blame them. I am an adult and I still love going to parties. I am sure this one was special since they didn't have to wait around for their birthdays. Plus, they get free stuff. They wanted to pass out the invitations. At first, I didn't want them to do this. I thought it was a bad idea. I felt that if I went to each child on my own or encountered their parents, I could emphasize the need to RSVP (and yes many of you all refuse to do that in the 21st century when just an email will suffice). I preferred to give it to their parents because sometimes children lose things.

Of course, two of the children lost their invitations. My middle son actually hand wrote another invitation which I am sure looked suspect to the parents when they received it. Another child failed to give it to his mother. Only five days away from the party and I only received two RSVPs and one cancellation. This part is actually understandable. Some folks were just not raised to RSVP. Only a handful of us were taught to RSVP even if the invitation doesn't ask you to. Yet I digress...

The problem came when other children didn't get an invitation from my children. My middle son, who we call the accountant, has no qualms telling someone off. He is very sophisticated and can calmly tell someone to step off. He told several of his classmates that their behavior is abysmal and should not expect anyone to invite them to their party. He also pointed out that its a party organized by his dear old dad so the issue needed to be taken up with me. My daughter on the other hand is not as sharp. So the girls in her class gave her a hard time.

The next problem came when some of the students began to solicit me and the wife. Of course, I am quick to say “hey look, it's a numbers game and you didn't make the cut, get over it, homie!” The wife wants to come home and bring it up in the middle of the night when the brother is trying to get some sleep.

“You should have seen his eyes,” she pleaded, “you should invite him. You know he needs his daddy time.”

I rolled over in my bed.

“You're not being fair, you are throwing this party for the children...” she went on.

At school, a gang of children asked me why I didn't give them an invitation. A few promised to get all A's if I would only give them an invite. I gave them all negative responses. There was no negotiating this one as I have done on so many occasions. My children continue to tell me about fellow students who pleaded their cases.

Unfortunately, I am not budging....

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