Sunday, April 10, 2011

American Panther

We are not behind the ball on this one folks. I just wanted this story arc to marinate before we start discussing it on our blog. I am an older cat and like to sit down and think about something before speaking. I am not the only one who cringed at the pictures.

My initial impulse was to denounce it. I do take an issue with how Marvel is handling the former Wakandan monarch. Bringing him back to the United States to fill in for someone else is rehashing an old story of when T'Challa was a teacher in Harlem. I loved the Doomwar limited series but I abhor the Man Without Fear story arc.

I originally assumed that Marvel was doing this to help promote the Captain America movie. I know this idea is farfetched but I noticed that when the X Men movies were being released, Marvel stormed their lines with mutant oriented stories. When Wolverine was slated to be released, fans were bombarded with like 100 Wolverine titles and included Wolverine in every story line and had him as a member of every super powered team.

I was listening to the Afronerd's the Comic Shoppe the other day and listened as Captain Kirk, one of the co-hosts made a good point. Remember that this American Panther incarnation of T'Challa is a result of the Fear Itself crossover. Captain Kirk points out that T'Challa's biggest fear is losing his identity as a citizen and monarch of Wakanda as he continues his open relationship with Western nations. This statement really made me rethink the American Panther motif.

We shall see for now. What do you think?


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otherwise enjoying your blog said...

I don't understand this post. The phrase "this American Panther incarnation of T'Challa" makes it sound as if the American Panther is T'Challa. American Panther is one of T'Challa's opponents.