Friday, November 18, 2005

Preguntas de Guerra de las Estrellas

Amadeo asked: I was playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 and between the missions one of the troopers speaks about some of the events. After the fall of the republic he talks about the Kaminoins created more clones to resist with and afterwards the Empire started using different templates (people) to clone from. My question is this did they document the shift from clones?

Our response: This is a tough one for real. We tried to touch on it here. Before the second trilogy came to the theatres, Lucas did not want to let anyone in on the Clone Wars situation. In the Dark Empire series, Palpatine clones himself and pours his essence into them. Everytime he is killed he does the same thing. Luke goes and allows himself to fall to dark side. He enters Palpatine's facilities and destroys it all. We do know that was not where he created the clones from the Jango template after the movies came out.

In the Thrawn series, we are introduced to Jorus C'baoth, a Jedi from the Old Republic era. What we learn is that he is a clone since the real C'baoth died in the Outbound Flight Project (the book will be coming out real soon on this one folks). We do not know however, how he was cloned. We also learn that Admiral Thrawn finds a clone facility on the planet Wayland. C'baoth actually guarded it. C'baoth was cloned but somehow went mad because of the flawed cloning process. In the Thrawn series we learn that the Emperor frowned on cloning for two reasons: the accelerated cloning process had too many problems and if the information fell into the "wrong" hands someone else could build an army. The latter is the reason why Palpatine banned droid armies.

Later on, Palpatine slowly recruited and drafted born humans into Storm Trooper ranks on the planet Carrida which Kyp Durron destroyed using the Sun Crusher. But before he did this, he did use clones from other templates after all the Jango Fett clones died from old age or went into retirement (quite a few of them did). Yet these batches also had flaws (see the Star Wars insider #84 for more info on the GAR-- Grand Army of the Republic ).

A main problem was keeping them sane. Many clones went beserk. The Kaminoans were able to narrow this down to affecting only 1% of their clones. The acceleration process and the "downloading" of information into a clone brain caused many of them to go insane.

In Ep II, we learn that the Kaminoans are the best cloners in the galaxy. And now we know that in Battlefront, Palpatine sends the 501st led by Boba Fett to destroy the clone facility on Kamino. I am sure this is where all the clone templates are kept and destroyed.

We hope that answers your questions.

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interesting as well. by the way can you explain the empire's aversion/hatred of non-humans if you havent already done that.