Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Where did it all begin?

(here is my mom and I. This was taken when i was about 3. Notice my mother using some invisible force lightning to get me to chill)
Good question... right?

It started way back in '77. I attended El Concilio Puertoriqueno Day Care Center in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. A very good program for children of immigrants from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Someone decided it would be a good idea to take us to see a movie. Thus, at age four and a half this would be my first movie. I remember standing under the marquis on 42nd Street (way before crack -- big up to Jamel Shabazz).

After the release of the movie, i was caught up in all the hype. I wanted to be a jedi and i wanted the Millenium Falcon. My mom thought i was just following the fad so she got me a few figures on her meager salary. I remember her rocking this very thin jacket she got from Chinatown. She rocked that one for many years.

My mother, as usual, was right. I forgot all about Star Wars until Episode V was released. I was open. Personally, I felt that was the best movie I saw in my life. The good guys losing? when does that happen? I thought Boba Fett was the man. I wanted to know who this Jabba the Hutt guy was. Plus I learned about the Force!

I remember getting the Star Wars twin bed set. I also had that Darth Vader carrying case that my dad got me. He said he found it in the trash. But my prize possession was a metal Star Wars lunchbox and this Lukey Skywalker figure that had a hidden lightsaber built into his arm. I loved those two things. My mother would beat me for just walking around with my lunchbox after school. But I loved that damn thing.

When Episode VI came out, I did not want the story to end. Rumors of a Episode VII coming out kept me up at night. I was never able to afford to be a collector. So I disappeared from the SW Universer altogether. It was not until I was discharged from the Navy and I came across the Admiral Thrawn series. I seen the books in the stores before that but ignored it. Once I read the Thrawn series back in 1997, I was hooked. I started reading anything I could find on the EU. I was open.

Been here ever since...


Inside Man said...

Fortunately I stay about mile from the library so that's where I do my book worm thing.
My older brother was the Star Wars guru so I followed his lead on the series. He had this thing where he would design his own Star Wars planes out of legos (or draw). He was nice with it, probably could have given George some ideas.

Amadeo said...

My moms infected me...took me to every one in the movies, rented the videos, bought them upgraded to DVD's. As turnabout would have it I bought her the box set of IV-VI and III, now I'm fussing at her cause she hasn't watched it yet.

Jdid said...

nice story. here's mine. i never say episode VI until later in life (remember this was before vcrs were popular). I got open on the archie goodwin comic strip that used to appear in our newspaper and then i bought this star wars the movie grapic novel. tiny little thing about 5' x 7'. i loved the story. then this kid came to my school from england and he was a star wars fan and our families knew each other so we hung out and it became star wars all the time. we'd just discuss that movie like forever. also hooked up with the marvel comic series. after that finished and episode 2 and 3 finished i kinda fiened for more but there was nothing. then just like you the thrawn series really got me back into the game.

now I read most of the rogue series on the subway but now i'm sorta just dabbling in the game because i started the whole Yuuzhan Vong series (didnt get book 1 because it was expensive hardcover for a while) read likebooks 2 to 5 and then just stopped as the story just kept going and going. i still buy the occasional graphic novel though as i find the back story on the jedi to be more interesting than the new jedi order.

Brother OMi said...

dope, thanks jdid

Michelle Pessoa said...

My mom (71 years-old) knows more about Star Wars than I do. She reads all the novels.

She likes the New Jedi Order era while I like the Old Republic. Go figure.

Amadeo said...

I was playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 and between the missions one of the troopers speaks about some of the events. After the fall of the republic he talks about the Kaminoins created more clones to resist with and afterwards the Empire started using different templates (people) to clone from. My question is this did they document the shift from clones? I know that Han Solo was once an officer and he left in the midst of saving Chewbacca.