Wednesday, October 26, 2005

the Clone situation

Let me get this straight: So Emperor Palpatine continued to use clones? I was led to believe, from reading the Admiral Thrawn series, that Emperor Palpatine banned the use of clones and droids on a mass scale because someone might get the grand idea of making an army.

After reading Karen Traviss' Hard Contact (which is a good book by the way), we are told that all of the Clone Troopers will be dead or in a retirement home by the time SW: A New Hope comes into play. This makes sense because the clones were designed to age twice as fast as humans. If one does the math, in Ep II, Obi Wan flies to Kamino and learns that Master Sifo Dyas ordered a clone army ten years before he got there. So the 200,000 some odd clones that were ready to go were 20 years old (10X2). Ep III happens about 3 years after Ep II, making the older batch of clones 26 years old. SW: A New Hope (Ep IV) comes 18 years after the events in Ep III. So the survivors of the older batch of clones would be around 62 years and definitely not able to fight. The younger batches would be out of commission as well.

So i am reading the latest Star Wars Insider. The main piece was on the Clones. Here I learn that the Empire gets its clone templates from other sources. I thought that Carrida was the system that trained the StormTroopers (it was destroyed by the Jedi Kyp Durron and the Sun Crusher). We also know that the Empire had academies throughout the galaxy for pilots and technicians.

I guess I need to write to Lucas and his crew about this mess up. What do you guys think?


Michelle Pessoa said...


I discovered your blog a few weeks ago. It’s nice to run into other fans “of a darker hue.”

I’m not a fan of the post-OT books, so I can’t directly speak to what you’ve stated above. I do have a comment about the clones in general, however.

I’m troubled by the clones in the prequel movies. Simply put, the clones of Jango Fett are slaves. They were purchased from the Kamino government, they were bred to fight and they didn’t get to decide what they want to do with their lives.

That’s the definition of slavery.

If the Galactic Republic was worth fighting for, free people should have been fighting for it, not people who had been enslaved.

Why was this okay with the Jedi? How come they didn’t object to becoming generals leading slave armies? Shouldn’t they have found that repugnant?

Brother OMi said...

thank you so much for your comment. I WILL ADDRESS this before the end of the weekend...

Jdid said...

the star wars universe is full of mistakes.

Michelle Pessoa said...

So true, Jdid. Lucas has tried to act as if he had this story all figured out from the time he drafted the the original movie in '77, but it's a lie.

He can't tell me Lucas always envisioned Luke and Leia as siblings. And if Obi-Wan always knew that Leia had as many "midichlorians" as Luke, why did he say "That boy's our only hope" in Episode V? He forgot that she was Luke's twin sister? Or was he just sexist? Neither option makes any sense.

I could go on and on about the mistakes. Whew! ;)