Sunday, October 10, 2010


Here are some treats (big up to Dwayne McDuffie for hipping us to this):

1. "Shaft or Sidney Poiter" -- I am so looking forward to this.

2. Daredevil to become Black Panther: The Man Without Fear

Big up to Comic Book Resources for this bit of news. While many have issues with what Marvel has done to Wakanda, even more people are upset about the direction Marvel is taking with T'Challa. We will see if the stories will be any good. It does remind me of the time T'Challa lived in Harlem and worked as a school teacher. Only time will tell. It can either flop or sell out. We shall see. Of course, we will have the latest reviews on here.

3. Please support the folks at Black Comix . They have a new book out that we will soon cop and review for the folks out here. The blog is awesome and they stay up on so much. Please support our writers, pencilers, and inkers!


Jdid said...

whoa! thanks for this. I had no idea T'Challa was becoming daredevil.

Well I guess he is no longer the Black panther. hmmm wonder how they will fit Storm in here.

Brother OMi said...

i forgot about Storm!

no prob, bro..