Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cincinnati Comic expo recap Part One

First up, Big up to everyone who came out the 1st Annual Cincinnati Comic Expo at Xavier University. It was a great turnout. We had a blast. As usual, folks treated my children like VIPs and they got a gang of free stuff. I want to point out a few heads we should make a note of. I know we rarely do, but we want to highlight some artists/writers of color. So here are a few people you should check out.

The weekend before at the 2nd Annual Champion City Comic Con in Springfield, Ohio, we ran into Victor Dandridge's family. They have alot going and have some dope plans in the future. Matter of fact, this Saturday, Sept. 25th in columbus, Ohio, they will be putting together a nice kick ball game with some vendors. Check him out on his blog, and try to come through. We will be there, capoeiristas and all. He is a family man and his focus is bringing comics and literacy to the children. So he gets mad support from us.

We also ran into "The Renegade Creator" Stanley Clark and his wife. They were great. They emphasized the importance of family and passing down our stories to our children. Their comics are great. Stay tuned for a review of one of their graphic novels.

Finally, we met Chad taylor, writer and penciler for the 5ive Footers... the brother is out of cincinnati. Check him out here. Issue #2 of his series will be released at the end of the month of September 2010.

Please support these artists and pass it along.

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