Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Star Wars: Blood Ties #1

Written by Tom Taylor
Art by Chris Scalf

Review by Dan Tres OMi

When Jango Fett was introduced in Episode II, I was amped. I gobbled up all of the Dark Horse stories about the Fetts. There wasn't too many. I wanted to see more stories with Jango and Boba. The story was near and dear to my heart. People say my oldest son is a clone of me. I have to agree. We don't get to spend too much time together yet when we are, we think alike. So it does seem like we aren't really father and son but template and clone. Not to mention the fact that he loves everything Mandolarian. When I heard that Dark Horse was doing a series centered around Boba and Jango that spans decades, I had to cop it.

The artwork is superb. Chris Scalf brings that majestic oil painting style that makes the story come alive. Scalf works the splash pages well and does not overwhelm the reader. Taylor's Jango is on point. He is ruthless and takes no prisoners. Jango puts Boba in so many perils. He is the toughest and deadliest drill sergeant. He cuts Boba no slack.

I am glad that this will be a four issue series and with the same team, I am sure there will be surprises. It will add more depth to the Fett's relationship. I forgot to mention that the first scene shows Boba Fett being set up by one of his customers. So the back story takes place in the present. I look forward to seeing what happens.

My only gripe with the story is that issue one reveals Jango Fett's current job is tracking down someone who happens to be another one of his clones. Of course this takes place before the events on Geonosis. I was hoping it would not have to come to another clone tale.

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