Sunday, April 01, 2007

Dilemmas and Loyalties Part IX

Their approach was routine. They could see the entire ship as they got closer. It suffered damage during the battle. There were several Republic capital ships in Boz Pity's orbit. All of them focused around a Venator class star destroyer. There were also shattered hulls of quite a few Separatist capital ships and droid fighters. There was debris everywhere. Alef Ulo noticed some Separatist ships that were intact and seemed to have suffer no damage.

So the Clone Wars are over
, Ulo thought to himself. He reached out to the Force to see if he could find any Jedi in the Republic fleet orbiting Boz Pity. It was no use. No Jedi were present. He was the only one in this system. He could also sense a stir of emotion on board the Dawn. They were most likely setting up for his capture. He can sense the determination and the anxiety of the officers on board. He had to make a decision quickly. Would he fight or surrender? Surrender seemed to guarantee an immediate execution. Yet he could not see himself fighting against those he considered allies only a few hours ago.

Soon he would have to make that decision.

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