Monday, April 16, 2007

Dilemmas and Loyalties Part X

Duman Len was visibly nervous. The last 48 standard hours were the most precarious of his career. So many things happened. They were ambushed by several Separatist capital ships. They were barely able to survive. The Corusant Dawn suffered much damage. They would not be able to travel through hyperspace. As suddenly as everything became chaotic, the war was finally over. Commander Len has not seen Coruscant in the last three years. He was not even allowed to stay in contact with his family. He assumed that he would be returning home soon. Then the Supreme Chancellor asked that every Jedi be eliminated or taken into custody. The last order was something he never thought he would ever hear. The Jedi proved themselves over and over these past few years. Commander Len believed that if it was not for the Jedi, the Republic would not have won the war. He has seen them in action before and during the war. Each time they were more impressive then the last. With his commandos in the field, his ARC trooper KIA, and half of his platoon, he did not see how they would capture Alef Ulo let alone kill him. Commander Len understood that the Chancellor's orders were such that he did not want to execute. It was certainly a dilemma he did not want to deal with. Besides the ship's crew, Ulo and his Clone commandos, were the only survivors of the last three years. Alef Ulo was dependable and was not overbearing. He did not overstep his boundaries despite the fact that he had no prior war experience. Ulo has even saved his life more times than he can count. Now he must kill him or apprehend the Jedi.

It certainly is a new Republic now.

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