Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Deadpool Corps #1-2

Written by Victor Gischler
Penciled by Rob Liefeld
Inks by Adelso Corona
Review by sean IS…

Honestly, when I first saw the Deadpool Corp advertisements, I was kinda skeptical even though I am a fan of the solo book. It’s like I saw the concept as a gimmick of sorts. However, I took the gamble and my expectations were surpassed. Anyone who is familiar with Deadpool (exclude the Wolverine: Origins movie debacle) knows that he is a complex, insane, and highly efficient killer who has a penchant for untimely yet rib-hurting humor that surpasses Spiderman. Now take the character that you know, add a band of four alternate universe counterparts, and watch the sparks fly. Each Corps member shares the spotlight with the comedic banter, which is very prevalent within the pages.

Here’s the story run-down in DP’s words, “A giant cloud of mind-eating evil is wreaking havoc on the universe, so I’ve gathered a bunch of Deadpools from alternate realities to kick some cosmic a**.” So far the Corps, contrary to what would be expected, has avoided any major fisticuffs but has found hilariously creative ways to make their first “villain”, a cosmic being known as The Champion, look like an utter buffoon more that once. Did I expect more fighting? Yes. However, when I saw how the group averted physical combat, I was dying laughing. What makes it’s even funnier is the effective use of non-verbal communication drawn exquisitely by the great Rob Liefeld.

Two issues in, we see a motorcycle jacking, alien pick-up lines, cosmic hangovers, and jokes every second. At this pace, I expect the series to continuously appeal to Deadpool followers; however, I am not sure what other audiences will think about the overall quirkiness. If you are looking for an ultra-serious read…this series may not be for you. I do recommend that you give it a shot though.

Issue #1 includes a detailed guide on the background of each individual Deadpool, which is a great resource for any reader. Undoubtedly, many people will need an explanation for the “flying head Deadpool”. Yeah, dude is literally a zombie head with a propeller on it, haha. Check out Deadpool Corps soon and prepare for a laugh fest.


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