Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Daken Akihiro - Dark Wolverine #75-77

(okay, I take back what I said)

When I learned that Wolverine/Logan had a son named Daken, I was perplexed. Not to say that Logan can't get his swerve on. At the end of the day, he is human and has desires like the rest of us. To be honest, Logan is over 100 years old. So I am sure Daken Akihiro won't be the last offspring to pop up.

Like his father, Daken has a healing factor. It's a power that I am really kind of sick of. So there was one strike against Daken. It also made me wonder that if he had a healing factor like his father, then he isn't a mutant since there is no genetic variation. Take it step further with Daken's bone claws. I figured he was just another carbon copy (like Dead Pool -whom is really a mixture of Wolverine and Spiderman if you think about it). However, Daken also uses his pheromones to manipulate people's emotions.

Daken, unlike his father, uses deception to control people and pit them against each other. At times, Daken is willing to be defeated to achieve his aims. In the Dark Wolverine series, we see Daken manipulating the Fantastic Four against Norman Osborn and the Dark Avengers. This story sold me on Daken Akihiro.

I still have my issues with bone claws and the fact that he rocks a tattoo (how does a guy with healing factor keep a tattoo?). Like any comic book hero (with the exception of Dead Pool, Moon Knight, and 85% of the DC Universe) in the hands of a decent writer, some great stories can be produced.


Jdid said...

I'm wondering how long they keep up the Daken stories though. Looks like its all heading towards Logans showdown with Romulus. After that I wouldnt be surprised if the Dark Wolverine book goes back to being plain Wolverine.

Brother OMi said...

after Dark Reign, things should return to normal. They might just end up giving him his own series.

I do feel that Wolverine like the Avengers and X Men, has TOO many titles.

who knows? maybe they might give up one of the wolverine titles to Daken.

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