Monday, February 25, 2008

Anakin and his padawan

(GL does it again)

I was not going to let the cat out of the bag, but someone in the comments page did. I wanted to really meditate on this for a second and then I wanted to peruse through all of my Clone Wars stuff to see if it fit. For those that don't know, in the new Clone Wars series coming in August of 2008, Anakin will be given a padawan.

Now the span between Episodes II and III is only 3 years. Dark Horse comics and Del Rey have done a good job at keeping everyone up to snuff on their timelines. There may have been a few weeks missing in the lives of Anakin and Obi Wan but throughout the Clone Wars, during Episode III, and after there is no mention of Anakin having a padawan. If memory serves me correctly, Anakin did not become a Jedi Master until shortly before the events in Episode III. So he did not have time to have a padawan since so much was going on.

It would make sense for him to have watched some padawan since many padawans were losing their masters during the Clone Wars but not as an apprentice. Of course GL was guilty of this before with the Qui Gon Jinn debacle but heads were able to let that slide. Then we had two alternate prequels in the second season of Clone Wars and the book Labyrinth of Evil. This one is going to be a doosy to explain.

Anyone care to try?


Guiguioh said...

Anakin became a Jedi Knight during the 3 years gap between episode 2 and 3. When a Jedi become a Knight (like Obi-Wan in TPM) he can have a padawan.

Anakin never became a Jedi Master, see episode 3. The most common way to become a Master is for your padawan to become a Knight (that's what happen for Obi-Wan, he became a Master when Anakin became a Knight), so obviously it will not happen with Anakin's padawan, Ahsoka.

Brother OMi said...

actually Anakin became a knight six months before the events in EP III after the book "Jedi Trial." So he had a good six month run before that yet he was visible through dark horse comics via Obi Wan's attempt at capturing Asajj Ventress which happened a few months before Ep III. now, during the Saluecami (did i spell that right?) siege, the comic books focused on Quinlan Vos and the other Jedi but still 6 months? maybe less

Amadeo said...

With the nature of what was going on I don't see how to explain it. He wasn't really trusted and he and Obi-Wan...his master, were busy fighting. Given that they were the shining stars of the war and doing some of the heaviest fighting, I don't see a padawan being placed with them.

Shark jump?

Brother OMi said...

you're actually saying the thing I am saying, he was just too busy. i am sure the clone wars new series is not only going to cover just the period before ep III. remember, they have 100 episodes planned with 30 already done.

Amadeo said...

Yo, I just finished Revelations...I was really digging the long look into Mando lifestyle.