Thursday, August 02, 2007

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been a minute... a big move to Ohio

On Movies

I know this is old news. It's been on several of the podcasts that are SW centered. Skymovies did a survey and learned that the most watched films by men is the Star Wars trilogy. Get this: the second most watched films by women are the SW trilogy. That blew me away. What is worse is that it was beaten by Dirty Dancing. Go figure.

What bugs me out is that despite all of this, we SW fans are still treated like geeks. Like we are some nerds who don't get any booty (you know I break that stereotype completely)

more on this later...

an old school banger:

finally check out star wars mash ups... pretty cool stuff.

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9mm Ed said...

Well, I will come out and say that Dirty Dancing wasn't a bad movie. It's not like it was Road House for guys - beagh! It also just makes sense for the ladies. What's important here is that the SW movies were next. That says a lot to the strength of these films, their characters, and the storytelling in general.

The decline of SW fans to lowly geek-hood? Yes, it is happening. Ha, I was actually just talking to my mom about this last night. The prequels were actually what brought about this shift in fan respect, and a schism among the fans themselves. When the costimed fans started coming out to public events en masse, no one was ready for it, not even me! They were showing up at the Special Edition movie releases, and for the DVD releases. The DVD!!! This made them look like Trekkies, and this wasn't appealing to people who those who were lifelong fans who still led "normal lives."

The schism among fans is the other half of the demotion in popularity. Some loved the prequels, some are tepid, but some hate it so much they like to think it never happened. Because of this, they still are devoted to the Original Trilogy, but everything else, including those who support the Preqs by collecting or costuming or whatever are seen as nerds even to them. And since SW was such a world wide cultural phenominon, it affected most of the civilized world and therefore I believe this shift in attitudes is widespread because so many people were/are fans of the OT. It's hard to guess the collective consciousness of the world's people, but this what I've gleaned.