Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What to do at home while Celebration IV goes on in the land of Hollywood....

(or things to do while I am with your girl...always wanted to say that...)

If you have not been living under a rock or stuck in Guantanamo Bay with no writ of habeas corpus, you know that the Thirtieth Anniversary of Star Wars will be the center stage at Celebration IV in sunny Los Angeles. I am sure that like myself, many of our readers can't make it for several reasons. So in support of the Force Cast's “No Fan Left Behind” program, we here at Star Wars for Colored Folks would like to give you some ideas and also offer some content. So here we go:

1.First, check out the Force Cast latest mega cast. I say mega cast because it is over four hours long. You will NOT be disappointed. They interview several artists who will be at Celebration IV. Show them some love and tell them Brother Omi sent you.

2.Then check out the Republic Heads at Voice of the Republic (VOR) for their last two podcasts. In the podcast dated May 14th, they interview a member of the 501st Legion (Vader's Fist, bro). In the podcast dated May 15th, they attend the premiere viewing of Heart of An Empire, a movie about the 501st. Enjoy it.

3.Tomorrow, I will post a story about seeing Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope when I was a youngblood.

4.The next day, I will post an interview with my oldest son, X Man, focusing on Star Wars.

5.Don't forget on Monday, memorial Day at 9pm EST , the History Channel will be showing Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed. They interview folks like Newt Gingrich! Do you believe that? He is a Star Wars fan. WTF....

6.Finally check out the trailer for The Force Among Us...

See you manana!

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9mm Ed said...

I totally missed ths post! Thanks for the love on your end. Ha - Republic Heads!