Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Star Wars Podcasts

I have to big up my sister from the same mother, Claviticus, for coping an Ipod Shuffle for me. Thank you so much. Now I can download all of the Bush administration scandals right into my Ipod.... sorry wrong blog and not my joke. Yet I can download all of my favorite joints. Of course, some of those are Star Wars podcasts. Here we go...

The Force Cast – this one comes from theforce.net. It covers everything from collecting to the books from Del Rey. They have the best interviews. They even upload a segment on music that is inspired by the Star Wars saga. There is not much commentary on particular topics. They usually go at it for an hour but it covers pretty much everything on the website. Hands down they have the best show notes with the links. My favorite are the Star Wars tales from listeners. Sometimes they are funny and at times they bring a tear or two.

Voice of the Republic – I really enjoy this one. They have a good time on this one. They have several discussions that I think everyone else has when they are with their friends. They get into discussions about the problems with continuity, the flaws in the storyline, the EU, etc. It is by far my favorite. What's cool is if they don't finish the discussion, they continue it into the next show so you don't miss anything.

Bonus: This is not really a podcast but it is very thorough (as we said back in the day). Someone took Karen Traviss' short story “Omega Squad: Targets” and made it into an audio drama. I think it is worth it. It is really dope.

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Terell said...

I just started listing to the Force Cast again. I will be checking out Voice of the Republic & the audio drama. Great blog btw.