Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Art of Star Wars, Episode III by Jonathan Rinzler

Review by Dan Tres OMi (Brother Omi)

There are several books from the SW universe that we miss here at Star Wars for Colored Folks. Billie Wheelz, X-man, and I can't get to all of them. It seems as if everytime I turn around, a new one pops up. I stumbled upon this one by accident. Normally, I keep very far away from this genre since it seems to be a marketing ploy on the part of the Hollywood types. Then I forget, this is Lucas, a marketing genius in the fact that he gets us to buy stuff but we always learn that's well worth its weight in gold.

The Art of Star Wars, Episode III by Jonathan Rinzler, considered a coffee table book by many, is well worth every penny. The Art... is a SW trivia buff's cornucopia. There are pages of sketches, paintings, and other artists' renditions that never made the cut. It demonstrates Lucas' creative freedom and the ability he gave his artists to brainstorm.

The artwork is breathtaking. The scenes that were cut makes one wish the movie was longer. There were several versions of Kashykkk and Mustafar that were cut. There were several pieces of storm trooper armor that were never used. There were storylines that were removed (such as Boba Fett's revenge where he kills Mace Windu). The artists in the Lucas camp were even going to let Mace Windu live!

There are several treats that I could let out of the bag, but I would rather let the reader learn about them on their own. THe book is highly suggested but not needed to keep abreast of what is going on in the SW universe. It could be used to win those SW trivia questions.


Amadeo said...

Good stuff...there are so many books out there it does get hard to choose...right now I'm just worrying about the actual novels I haven't read. Waiting for Legacy is killing me...I think Jacen is my favorite Jedi.

Inside Man said...

Boba Fett killing Mace Windu!? I'm glad they tossed that mess, that would have been a mockery..

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Amadeo said...

I'm almost done with the Thrawn trilogy per you guys recommendation and I must say Thawn is a badass. If he was a force user he would be deadly. BTW I understand because of how they are cut off the likely hood is low...but have you guys come across any mention of a Chiss force sensitive?

Inside Man said...

Just found out May 4th is "Star Wars Day." ..awkward