Thursday, January 19, 2006

On Jacen Solo

Amadeo asked:

I was just wondering what are you guys thoughts on Jacen Solo...keep in mind that while I know how things go down...I've only read up to Balance Point. Despite the two factions that formed amongst the Jedi he was caught in the middle and as with alot of things that's usually where the truth lies between to sides of a philosophy. I was wondering your opinions of his deeper questioning of the force.

Our response:

If you have noticed through our reviews for the Dark Nest series, we kind of gave it away. We do urge you to read further particularly the NJO (New Jedi Order) book "Traitor" which Billie Wheelz and I admit is the best NJO book written. It deals with the Force and several of the philosophies debated during the Old Republic. I can only tell you that much.

I will say that early in the NJO, I really felt how Anakin Solo decides to roll. I felt that Jacen was a wimp and had to get over it. I said these things with influences such as Yoda, Kyp Durron (who i felt way before the NJO series), Qui Gon Jinn, Count Dooku, and several others who had their own opinions on how the Jedi should deal with the Force. Looking back, I have to remember that the Solo's are teenagers who were thrust with some really big responsibilities. I must say that each one in their own right does a good job. And after much thinking, I could see why Jacen approached the Force like he did. he understood early on that the Force was not a tool and that at times the Jedi were not the the overseers or priests of the Force. He felt the Jedi should tread lightly in matters pertaining to the Force and should be careful as to what decisions they make.

Again, if you skim though our reviews and articles, you will find several views of the Force (I know when we first started , our first few articles really dealt with them).

In the future, Billie Wheelz and I will probably present a few varying discussions and the Jedi's who centered themselves around them.

Thanks for the question.


Amadeo said...

Bet...I got stalled out cause Barnes and Noble didn't have Recovery...going to hit up Greetins and Readings tonight to get back on track.

Amadeo said...

Question...I mentioned looking for Recovery...but I can't find it anywhere except online...then BalancePoint refers to the Edge of Victory books as the next and the Edge of Victory books don't refer to Recovery. So now I've skipped Recovery and Star by Star seems like the first chapters should be before the Edge of Victory books....What the deal?!?!?

Amadeo said...

In my absence I discovered it's a continuity error...Recovery is a prologue to Star by Star...which it seems was later turned into a small book and placed in the proper order.

Anonymous said...


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