Monday, October 31, 2005

Answering Questions (well one actually...)


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here we go...

Our Favorite Nubian Jedi...

KG, asked: Word on the street is that it's an uncertainty if Mace Windu actually died? I was discussing with some cats in class (this blog has got my SW IQ up!) last week and they were buzzing that thier may be a project in the works about this possibility. Have ya'll heard any such rumors too?

Our response: First off, Michelle Pessoa gave a good answer: KG, Obi-Wan and Anakin both survived falls from ridiculous heights and being blasted with Force Lightning in Episode II, so Mace could have survived getting sliced, blasted and thrown out of a window.But I doubt it. *SIGH*There are two Star Wars TV series in the works. One is animated and one is live action. What I've heard is that Quinlan Vos, the white Jedi with dreads, will be featured in one of those series.

Our response: Pessoa is correct. Obi Wan and Anakin survived several falls from ill heights and were blasted with Force lightning. They were saved by the force of course (hey that rhymes). Now with lightning, it works with any form of electricity. It depends on the severity of it (in our respects, amps) and the length of time you are in contact with it. I have met several people who were electrocuted by the third rail in the New York City transit systems. the power there can flow between 50,000 volts to 600,000 volts.

In Mace Windu's case, he was fried before he was let go. Here is the scene from the book adaptation:

"Before he could follow through on his stroke, a sudden arc of blue plasma sheared through his wrist and hsi hand tumbled away with his lightsaber still in it and Palpatine roared back to his feet and lightning speared from the Sith Lord's hands and without his blade to catch it, the power of Palpatine's hate struck him full-on.

He had been so intent on Palpatine's shatterpoint that he'd never thought to look for Anakin's.

Dark Lightning blasted away his universe.

He fell forever." (p. 335)

Pretty much, he was gone before he fell. If he were alive, he would not have been strong enough to use the Force to save himself.

But Pessoa does mention a TV series. That is very correct. Rick Callum, one of the producers for the second trilogy of Star Wars mentioned way back in May 17th, that they would be working on a TV series. Goerge Lucas went on to say that they will be doing a live active series on Boba Fett. YOu can read it here and aqui. Lucas has admitted that he does not have a script and a 2006 release is definitely not in the plans. They are, however, looking for writers.

There are plans for a 3D animation of the Clone wars. So we may see a pre-Ep III Mace Windu there. So stand by ...


Inside Man said...

Michelle, thanx for the solid response. Wheelz and Omi, as always thanx for posting and addressing the question. I'm going to step outside now and poor out some liquor for brotha Mace.

Brother OMi said...

thanks man
we will too

Amadeo said...

Here is a good one I don't think was covered...Bringing Balance to the force. The Jedi believed that Anakin was chosen to do this, however, at the same time they were just finding out that there was a living Sith Lord. They believed them to be extinct. It stands to reason that bring balance to the force during this time would have meant bringing forth the Sith or diminishing the Jedi. In essence, didn't Anakin fulfill the Prophecy?

Michelle Pessoa said...

>>In essence, didn't Anakin fulfill the Prophecy?<<

An alternate interpretation of the prophecy is that Luke is the embodiment of balance in the Force. He has emotion and discipline -- two qualities that the old school Masters (and Sith) thought were incompatible in a Jedi.

Anonymous said...

I wish mace would have lived to but oh well, and by the way it weird the way quinlan vos race/skin keeps changing, I notice when he is walking the light path he is white but is you read the comics his skin changes color when going over the dark path wow... I do know the planet that he is from and his grand mother where dark skin people but like tiger woods they are going to he is white to I guess.....

Jdid said...

good point about quilan vos actually i did notice that too

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