Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Captain America: Sam Wilson Issues 1 & 2

Written by Nick Spencer
Pencils by Daniel Acuna

I am a big fan of Rick Remender but I was not too happy with his take on Sam Wilson as the new Captain America. The artwork was dope and I enjoyed Wilson's approached to the mantle, but I don't think Remender handled it well. I think Nick Spencer is a good writer, but he never wrote anything that I felt another comic book reader had to copped. I love Daniel Acuna's pencils. Acuna's work on Uncanny Avengers was amazing. Acuna was the main reason I picked up this series.

Wilson really moves away from the Steve Rogers' approach to the stars and stripes along with the shield. Wilson takes more of a stance on certain hot button issues and takes a cue from Luke Cage and creates a hotline. He is no longer a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. And has no ties to the US government. Along with Dennis Dunphy aka D-Man and Misty Knight, Wilson keeps it as bare bones as possible.
On his first mission, Wilson heads to the border to help undocumented workers who are being kidnapped.

So far, it's really working. While Wilson is trying to figure out his footing, Spencer adds more issues to the mix. Dunphy adds comic relief while Misty keeps Wilson grounded. The appearances of Maria Hill who casts a large shadow over Wilson, adds more tension. Initially, I didn't see why Steve Rogers had to play a role but in issue 2, Spencer puts it all together. Even Armadillo makes an appearance in issue 2 to exact revenge on a broken promise.

For those who are expecting spoilers from Secret Wars, you won't find any here. There is a mention of the incursions in issue 2. We also learn about “Kobik,” a secret government program in which authorities can change the very fabric of reality using cosmic cubes. This is very interesting and I hope this ties into the ending of Secret Wars.

Acuna does a dope job with the breakdowns. I enjoy the fact that he does not exaggerate the physiques of the superheroes. What really stands out are the colors by Acuna. All of the flashbacks are highlighted by reds. In issue two on the first page, there is a panel with a twitter discussion between Wilson and some tweeps. It is hilarious. These added touches really do it for me.

I really enjoy what Nick Spencer is doing. Acuna always brings the pain. The covers, the background, the plot, and everything fits. This is definitely a new Captain America with a new look and a new approach. It definitely works.

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