Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Ends Issue #1

Written and Rendered by Jeff Hewitt

While we talk and obsess over the end of the world, we don't actually think about it. Sure, many of us have prayed over it and wondered when it was coming or watched endless specials about it on the History Channel, but we really haven't thought it through. It's sort of like winning the lotto. Sure we can sit around and discuss it for hours on end, but none of us actually think it through even after we hit it big.

In Jeff Hewitt's "The Ends," we witness the same thing. It's the end of the world and although Hewitt provides the reader a bird's eye view of events, he purposely leaves the reader in the dark as to what is going on. Yes, the Supreme Being has open up a can of whip ass on the universe and no one knows what to do.

While the world is unraveling, Hewitt introduces the reader to the protagonists. First, we meet Detroit's own Peregrine. Peregrine is a vicious crime fighter who retired since his ways were just too extreme. then we meet, Alec Powers, our slacker martial artist who is called while boosting some brewski's during a power outage. Finally, we are introduced to another Martial Artist who seems to fit the bill that most of us would be hoping for. You know the spiritually balanced guy with the level head.

What I enjoyed the most about "The Ends" first issue is the medium Hewitt chose. It's a very unique feel mixing actual photos, pencils, newspaper clippings, and other things you might recognize. This style brings more character and fleshes out the story. It is sheer chaos and I think this form conveys that it is the end of the world. It is details such as these that make me enjoy indie prints so much. The writers are willing and can take risks that the major publishers refuse to take. I think that Hewitt took one, and it has paid off.

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