Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The New Avengers: Luke Cage

Written by John Arcudi
Art by Pepe Larraz & Eric Canete
review by Dan Tres OMi

To be honest, I am really open with what Marvel has been doing with Luke Cage. Let's be honest, he was a fourth rate superhero based off of a stereotype (lawd, the yellow shirt and metal head band with black tights, wtf!). Making him a prominent member of The New Avengers was a dope idea. I really dug the Noir series done on Luke Cage. Cage was given greater roles to play in the Civil War and Dark Reign. If you haven't heard, Cage is now heading the New Avengers.

This three issue limited series finds Cage heading out to Philadelphia to help out a friend who has followed in his footsteps. He even encounters an old foe, Lionfang. While Cage has been spending his time fighting world class super villains and saving the earth from a Skrull invasion, he has neglected his roots. Although, his teammates urge him to stick around Cage heads to the city of Brotherly Love to help an old comrade.

Cage quickly realizes that he can easily just smash heads and beat up super powered bad guys all day. Yet as soon as he lives Philadelphia, his enemies would just come right back out. So he decides to use his brain over brawn. This makes for a great story as Cage demonstrates a great leadership ability to plan ahead. It works beautifully.

Larraz & Canete's artwork is superb. The devil is in the details. You will cringe during the painful parts and duck when Cage throws his opponents around. What I dig the most is the writing. As I have stated before, there was a time when I dislike Cage. From his costume to his speech, Marvel just bought a stereotype to life. You won't see Cage speaking in out dated slang.


Jdid said...

He's also now heading up Tunderbolts so may feature prominently in Shadowland so my man Cage is getting his face time right about now.

The Luke Cage Noir was beautiful! I loved that series. What I'm kinda digging lately is Marvel's dealing with race issues. The twelve (which they never finished), Blue Marvel, Luke Cage Noir and the second Spider Man Noir series had some interesting racial overtones that I'm not sure I've seen dealt with in the marvel universe before. Oh and that joint with Black panther and CAp they did the other day too.

Brother OMi said...

I have to get the last two issues of the BP and Cap joint... thanks for reminding me. i also have to do a review on that

and i have to cop that shadowland joint.

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