Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Political leaders and Sci Fi

I know I often complain about how in Sci-Fi several white writers somehow leave people of color out of the future. Movies are the most recognizable ways in which this is done. Look at joints such as The Minority Report (which Philip K. Dick's short story takes place in a different city). In this K. Dick remake, Washington D.C. was devoid of black folks. Or the the Star Wars OT where all we had was Lando Calrissian. I could go on and on. However, there are times when Sci Fi has its shining moments when it comes to people of color.

Take joints such as the latest incarnation of Battlestar Galactica. Admiral Adama is played by Edward James Olso. Even GL did his think using Temeura Morrison as Jango Fett and the template for clones. I knew Boba Fett was a brother!

What I notice, and maybe this is a bad thing, is that when there are people of color in Sci Fi they hold positions of power. Take the Matrix or movies such as “Bruce Almighty” and “Deep Impact.” Are we saying that only in fantasy worlds people of color can hold power?

So folks like Jared Ball or Barack Obama have no chance?

Well, I have learned that usually Sci-Fi movies, books, and other forms of media are brief glimpses into the future. They are written to keep humanity hopeful in an often bleak world. Then again, throughout the world, people of color hold positions of power. Most come from humble origins.

We are not invisible anymore.


Delux said...

Excellent post!

clnmike said...

That was good I did not think about that. But maybe with Obama we might realize the future.