Sunday, December 25, 2005

More on the Clone Wars

You can't say I don't love you all.. Check out this link... Pretty dope and like ours, it's not an official joint. It's interesting. There is a section that contains essays on the actual Clones and the battles they faced.

Andrew Liptak, in his The Downfall of the Jedi and Public Opinion, discusses something that we have gone over between comments on this blog. The public opinion towards Jedi can clearly be seen in the books more so then the comic books. The comic books show certain people's attitude towards the Republic more so then that Jedi.

The Emperor would never have gotten away with the Jedi Purge if the sentiment towards the Jedi was positive. Of course there were quite a few influential people who felt that the Jedi were on the side of good and that Palpatine was taken too much control over the Senate but they did not have the Holonet to control the images. Thus, the media played a major role in their downfall.

There were some Jedi who were forced to neglect their moral ethics to obey the wishes of the Republic government. The Battle of Jabiim and The Battle for Thrusta (where Yoda was forced to bust a cap in an old homie of his) were prime examples of this. Due to what happened on these planets, entire systems gained a new hatred of the Jedi.

My partner in rhyme, Billie Wheelz, always made a dope analogy of the Jedi. he compared them to the purge of the Knights Templar, the warrior monks who made their appearance during the Crusades. The Catholic Church under Pope Clement V and the guidance of King Philip IV of France used public sentiment and false accusations to destroy the Knights Templar. The same thing happens.

Just something to think about


Jdid said...

I guess somewhere along the line the jedi became too self righteous. What is the point of being the guardians of the force if you dont use that for positive and good. In a sense their regulations and restrictions which stopped them from doing right in some cases really drove a rift between them and the public. In a sense just like your comparison with the knights templar a comparison could be made with the jedi and some parts of the church where the leadesr are just so far removed from everyday life and have no idea whats going on with the average man on the street.

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Amadeo said...

I gotta agree that they were too detached...while they should be "zen" and not let their emotions be the thing that moves them...they should have been of the people. Recently I met a VERY high priest of Osun. She has worked with Kings, Presidents and all sorts of people...but she spends alot of time amongst "the people" knowing her work is for everyone.