Monday, August 01, 2005

Terms and concepts...

Before we go any further, Billie Wheelz and I felt it was important that we go over some terms. Of course, we will explore many things outside of the six movies. The movies will be our reference points.

SW -- Star Wars
ASW -- After Star Wars: A New Hope, or Episode IV
BSW -- Before Star Wars: A New Hope
SE -- Sith Era, takes place 5,000 BSW
RE -- Republic Era, begins 1,000 years BSW and ends in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
NJO -- New Jedi Order, many argue when this happens but in our case, it begins 30 Years
Jedi vs. Sith -- a battle between the Jedi and the Sith... it began 1,004 years BSW
and ended with the destruction of the Sith except for Darth Bane and his apprentice. Here is
where Darth Bane began the concept that there should only be one Sith Lord and his/her

For more information, you can check Dark Horse comics for a timeline. You can also check The, they have a timeline as well.

Force Sensitive -- someone who is sensitive in the Force. this may not mean that they are learned. There have been incidents of people who could feel the force but not 'utilize' it in anyway. Some races are force sensitive due to evolution such as the indigenous people of Haruun Kal or some folks from Kiffex.

Sith -- Dark sider Jedi's that study Sith lore. Not all dark siders are Sith. One of Dooku's henchwomen, Asajj Ventress, was a dark sider but not a sith. Sith magic was kept a secret when Darth Bane came to power.


Primero: big up to Jdid... that brother asks some really good questions. Thanks for the love. What we decided to do with questions is to handle them on Friday night. So that way, EVERYONE will see the answer and won't ask the same question twice (as a veteran blogger, I realized that heads don't read comments...). Plus, it gives us more ideas. THanks Jdid, for being a true Jedi.

Here was his question:

how many lightsaber forms are there or rather are there more than 7?

at this point just 7... i am sure that in the future, heads will make more and say its always been that way. FOr more information check here on the 7 lightsaber forms. We hope that helps.

KG asked :

My only question is was he really whippin Darth Sidious ass, or was Sidious just bluffing so he could get Anakin to get closer to the dark side. The three Jedi who accompanied Mace should have been working in the Jedi mail room becasue they didn't get a whiff of action before they got chopped up.

Our initial response:

Mace Windu was really giving sidious a beat down, what the movie does not tell you is that vaapad is not just a lightsaber style, it is a state of mind, so when sidious is attacking, mace is absorbing his dark side enegy and throwing it right back at him, this is one of the advantage of vaapad. A person has to have the discipline of the highest level, so far there has been only one to master vaapad and as for the other two, vaapad mastered them.

Our update:

About the other Jedi Masters that accompanied Mace Windu: Kit Fisto (the green one with all the brain tails), Agen Kolar, and Saesee Tiin (with the two long horns on the side of his head). Kit Fisto is a formidable fighter with the lightsaber. Of course, he should not have been taken out. Master Tiin is a telepath and he could not even read Palpatine. Yet the former Senator turned Emperor was able to kill them with ease.

As Billie Wheelz discussed before, the dark side (which we will discuss later) was clouding everything. Even Yoda could not see the paths the future laid for them. Since Episode I, he made references on how the Sith had clouded everything (actually since the Stark Hyperspace War which took place about 40 years BSW). So that coupled with the element of surprise was how Palpatine was able to defeat at least one Jedi Master with one swipe.

Remember that Palpatine/Sidious is very powerful in the Force. There have only been a handful of Jedi/Sith throughout the entire history of adepts who can actually 'remove' themselves from the Force meaning they can not be detected by Jedi/Sith as 'Force sensitive.' One would also have to be very powerful to do this. THe most recent has been Vergere, an Old Republic Jedi who lived well up until the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. He actually lived and worked a few kilometers from the Jedi Temple. So that says alot.

He watched the Jedi for decades and probably knew what forms each of the Masters he fought knew and practiced. The only one he did not know much of was Vaapad, which we peeped in Star Wars: Shatterpoint. We also know that Sith such as Dooku master Form II which is used to battle other lightsaber wielders. That can explain more.


Inside Man said...

Thanx for making clear how Darth Sidious disguised his sensitivity to the force. What impressed me was how well the Sith were able to hide themselves and also conceeal their manipulation of the entire Galaxy! To do that with a single master and apprentice displays how disciplined they are in the principles of using the force. I have mad questions but I'll respect the Jedi rules and wait until Friday. Until then...

Jdid said...

Thanks for the link on the lightsaber forms guys

ok you mention being dark side without being sith. Is that what Mara Jade 'The Emperor's Hand' was when we first meet her in that series with Admiral Thrawn after episode VI?

Oh and wahts Vaapad did I miss the explaination of this?

Vergere was Jedi? damn I need to go back and read those books.

Brother OMi said...

KG -- you can post questions NOW.. we just won't answer them until Friday...

Amadeo said...

I guess this is more of a perspective question...Jedi create their lightsabers in a way that reflects themselves...yet they frown on ownership (or rather attachment) to the point that they weren't happy that Anakin made so many modifications to his fighter to improve it. It made it more "his" so why wasn't this a big deal with the lightsaber.

Inside Man said...

Q#1 Was Count Dooku Darth Sidous's apprentice while Darth Mahl was alive? If not, when did he get his Sith membership?

Q#2 Who was the head of the Jedi Council before Yoda?

Q#3 How do the Jedi use Shatterpoints?

Inside Man said...

What novels can I read that tell the story of Darth Vader directly after Anakin crosses over to the dark side and Jedi fall?