Thursday, July 14, 2005

Your Father wanted you to have this when you were old enough

Jedi Holocron entry July 14 2005 Subject
What better way to start this blog off with this line.
Star wars is American Mythology at its best!
The statement above is what Obi Wan said to Luke in a new hope when Luke was learning more about his father, it is not the truth in the physical sense because Jedi during this era were not allowed to have children they would have been considered attachments. (unless you were from a planet short on males like Master Ki adi mundi who was from cerea which we will discuss at a later date) . That's what makes Obi Wan a great Jedi his definition of truth from a certain point of view, anakin would have not talked to his master about having kids, so the question is why would he tell him this and it is simple, while in hiding Obi Wan started to understand the living force during the jedi purge, Qui Gon Jin Became Obi Wan and Master yoda Teacher, also he may have also taught the Dark Woman. Obi Wan knew he had to give Luke bits and pieces about his father, he was the best pilot and a cunning warrior and good friend and saying that Anakin/Vader killed him was pure genius because not only did Luke develope love for his father and hate vader but when Luke finds out the whole truth which Obi WAn knew would happen, Luke would not give in completely to his hate because of the man his father was, in the end one emotion won and that is love and that was the lesson, so you see by Obi wan picking up that lightsaber and keeping it for Luke who was the new hope, Obi Wan was the Messenger, saved the galaxy. The real jewel here is one need not tell the whole truth about someone, in time you will learn, my nephew father died from gun violence on the streets of Detroit and he always asks me about his father and I have been giving little bits here and there for example I would say he was a good dancer and my nephew became a good dancer as a matter of fact he plays capoeira and I told him his father was the best mechanic I have ever met and it is the truth, he was pimping rides before the show, the dark side to this was he was a drug dealer and he starting being violent. So you see what if I told him the bad attributes about his father first like some people say like your daddy is not nothing you are not going to be shit, I remember my friend Roger mother telling him that and right now he has life in prison. She never had anything good to say about his father. How we tell the truth is important indeed.


Amadeo said...

The whole series was really about points of view...The way Yoda and Obi Wan looked at Luke was a reflection of their experience with his father. I actually think the biggest difference was the way the two were introduced to loss. It's what broke Anakin and what made Luke strive.

Jdid said...

The half truths were necessary for Luke's development. Imagien if from the get go people knew that he was Vader's kid. Oh man no one would let him within a mile of a lightsaber for fear of what he'd become.

Jedi of the Old Republic said...

peep what happened to Anakin Solo when he was given his grandfather's name. look at Malcolm Shabazz (malcolm's grandson). everyone looked at him like he was supposed to save all of us. he in jail now.

Jedi Consular said...

True, with anakin solo, he comes from a family who lives on the edge after all Han Solo is Mr. luck himself.

Real life, Malcom X, I think the tragedy of his life was that his daughter felt the movement betrayed her father, therefore she was not able to plant those seeds, had her father been alive another story indeed