Thursday, August 04, 2005

The trappings of a Political idealist

Once a Jedi Master of great repute, dooku's departure sent a shock threw the Jedi order and across the galaxy. He is the most recent of the so-called "Lost Twenty," the only Jedi in the history of the order to voluntarily renounce their commissions.
Citing disillusionment with the Republic and the Council, And the fact that he was a racist against people who were not human. Dooku left Coruscant for his homeworld of Serenno. He was so wealthy he could have simply purchase the republic but he wanted more, he wanted to remove non human control and to have a republic run by man, and create a sith army, it's ill and if you read the books you understand when jedi Ki adi munda says he is a political idealist

His long standing tradition of independence, is indeed unusual for a Jedi. Dooku was a strong proponent of the living Force, He was Qui gon jinn master, so hence Master jinn school of Jedi thought, You can tell a lot about some Jedi Masters by there style and he was a Master of form two/makashi, which is perfect for blade to blade contact and fighting alone, and for going against a jedi this was a perfect style because most jedi had but all but abandon this technique when the blaster became the weapon of choice. He was one selfish mofo, to dooku most people was boring.

The former Jedi Master was responsible for selecting jango fett for cloning, the ironic thing is he led the jedi team that destroyed Jango and the Mandalorian army, only jango survive but many jedi died, which led to jango being sold into slavery. The thing that separate dooku is the fact that he was not seduced by the dark side like some star wars guru say, he chose the dark path in hoping to establish his political ideals. Kind of like my man Brother Omi says when people say I will take the lesser of the two evils, thankz for that jewel cause as you can see Dooku and his master sat down and plan it out that know matter what the jedi do, they will lose as soon as they join either side, separatist or republic, I guess because he was so arrogant he actually believe old Palpy. Palpatine is like a lot of tyrants, they realize what dooku/people wanted and played into it until he could get his prize which was anakin and the republic in time.

The thing to remember is when old faithful himself Obi wan Kenobi killed Darth Maul, palpatine needed a temporary apprentice, Dooku was perfect choice, powerful and frustrated that the council did not agree with him and his agenda plus already train in the jedi arts, (peep dude is 83 years old when he is in revenge of the sith). what some did not know is that He disliked anakin, he wanted Obi Wan to join them but he did come to see why palpatine wanted Skywalker/vader.

The funny thing, I never looked at dooku as being evil, he had issues like a lot of people I know, One he was into himself so much that it blinded him and he look down on people who was not on his level, the sad thing is jedi master yoda and other jedi looked over these flaws and did not correct them because he had charisma and he was very powerful and respected jedi, his peers made excuses for him Mace Windu thought dooku was a friend he could not see that dooku could commit a crime like murder and mace never wanted to bring up the battle of genosis where he saw the shatterpoint around dooku and he did not act upon it, Dooku was one of the finest the order ever produced, so thus began his decent.

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Jdid said...

I had alot of questions on this one but I think I should probably get your reference stuff first.

the Lost 20 is new to me but if Dooku is so racist whats he doing working with the trade federation dudes?

The mandalorians , I remember that came up in the Marvel Star Wars comics back in the day with Fenn Shysha (which were sort of an alternate storyline i guess) but I never saw it in any of the dark horse stuff. who were these mandalorian army guys.

and off topic. In Episode II, the cloners on Kamino said that Jedi Master Cypadias was the one who commissioned the army. not questioning your comments on Dooku selecting janga as the template but I was wondering what can you tell me about this jedi master cyphadias

ok i've asked enough questions. sorry to trouble you guys but as a geek i think this is kind of cool.

Inside Man said...

I guess I should have read this blog first before I asked my set of questions. It's surprising how blinded from the truth the Jedi were. When Mace jumped forward to say that "Dooku could never kill because he was a former Jedi" was a god smack. Somebody get that brotha some coffee.....

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