Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The truth about Endor

The forest moon of Endor, also known as Sanctuary Moon, is a moon which is home to the Ewoks when the second Death Star was constructed in Return of the Jedi. The planet Endor was destroyed and now the Moon Orbits a star, so it could have actually be labeled a planet.

Endor itself is not the moon, but instead the planet which the moon orbits (or orbited). The planet Endor is never visible in the film, a fact which the novelization explains by asserting that it was destroyed some time earlier and that the moon now orbits its star in a planetary orbit of its own. It should be noted that in two scenes in the film, a pinkish planet can be seen in the background, in the vicinity of the forest moon, though the two bodies are never seen at the same time. This, coupled with the fact that a moon without a planet should itself be defined as a planet in its own right, has caused some fans to speculate that this pinkish planet is in fact Endor.
The moon resembles Earth in many ways; however, it seems to have more landmass than oceans. The landmasses are primarily covered with thick forests of massive ancient pine trees, and it has at least one desert region. Endor does not appear to have polar ice caps and may have a temperate climate around the globe.

The Star Wars planet is named after J.R.R. Tolkien's Endor in Middle-earth, probably an allusion to the similarity between Ewoks and habit's.

This should clear up the endor error, peep the way Lucas pay homage to tolkien's story by the name.

The truth is, next to Jar Jar binks, I would have loved to see these creatures killed and there Forrest moon destroyed but star wars lore says after the death star blew up the rebels stop the debris from hitting the surface of the planet/Moon, dam rebels.

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